What is Funeral Cover?

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What is Funeral Cover?

What is Funeral Cover?

We are sure you know who Metropolitan is, for now, let’s look at what funeral insurance is. Funeral insurance, or burial insurance as it is often referred to, is, as the name suggests, designed to cover the costs of your funeral in the event of your death. This ensures that nobody else has to cover these costs, which can be fairly high.

Nowadays, the vast majority of life insurance policies will include funeral cover as standard. However, I do urge you to look into the benefits of your life insurance policy, if you currently have one, just to make sure that you are protected. If you are not, you will need to get in touch with your life insurance policy company to find out whether they can add life insurance to your policy or not. Alternatively, you can search online for the best deals on funeral cover.

Required Burial Service

So, why do you need Metropolitan funeral cover? Well, funerals are incredibly expensive. In fact, people underestimate just how much they are going to cost. Not only will you need to pay for the casket, but you will also need to pay for the following:

  • The actual service. This is not cheap. Remember, you are not just going to be paying for the person presiding over the funeral, but you will also need to pay for the hearse, and any other vehicles which will get the family to the location.
  • The cost of the burial plot, if you are being buried. If not, you will need to pay for cremation. In some cases, you may even wish to purchase a memorial, which can be very expensive.
  • The wake, if you have one.
  • Catering, flowers, pamphlets, family cars, etc.

The last thing you want to have happen is for your family to pay out of their pocket for these expenses. After all, they are already going to be grieving for your loss. You do not want to put any undue stress on them. Funeral coverage will ensure that every cost of your funeral is covered. In most cases, your funeral coverage policy will pay out within twenty four hours of your death, although this is something that you are going to need to look into.

In an ideal world, you should purchase your policy as soon as possible. As I mentioned at the start, if you have a life insurance policy then it is likely that you will have some form of burial cover in place. However, this is something which you are going to need to look into. Not only those over the age of 65 will need to buy funeral coverage. It is important that you do it whilst you are still in the best possible health. If you are incredibly sick and start to look for funeral coverage, you need to consider waiting periods. If you are fairly old when you purchase your insurance policy, you will notice the premium becomes more expensive with time.


At FuneralCoverME, we represent some of the top providers in SA. Metropolitan burial insurance is a great cash only product. A cash only product means you get a cash payout. You, or your beneficiary can arrange the burial using multiple providers/suppliers.

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