Metropolitan Funeral Cover

Double Accidental Death Cover

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Claims Settled Within 48 Hours

Survival Benefit

Cashback Benefit

Paid Up Benefit

Tombstone Benefit

Metropolitan Funeral Cover Benefits

Funeral Benefit:
This is the main benefit on the funeral plan. This is an amount paid to the beneficiary. The payout will help someone cover the funeral bill. This will be for all members on your Metropolitan funeral plan.

Premium Holiday:
Sometimes we fall on financial hardship. This benefit allows the premium payer to skip one premium every 12 months. The policy will stay in force. This is for a maximum of 6 time on the life of the policy.

Children Benefit:
Your children are covered for life. It does not matter how old they are.

Continuation Benefit:
When the policyholder passes away, the policy can still continue. Any member over 18 years can continue with the policy.

About Metropolitan Funeral Cover

Metropolitan Life was established in Cape Town during 1890. This essentially means that they have more than 120 years’ experience. Metropolitan is a listed Top 100 JSE company. This is a clear indication that Metropolitan Life has solid foundations. They are a well trusted provider. They are currently the fourth largest life assurer in SA.

With Metropolitan funeral cover, the policy holder will get a straight forward funeral plan. You will receive a cash pay-out within 48 hours of a claim. Provided that they received the relevant documents from the beneficiary. You can get cover from R5000 to R50 000. This ensures that your family will have enough funds available.

When you pass away, you definitely don’t want your family to struggle financially. Taking part with a deceased family member can be extremely traumatic. Finances should be the last thing on your families mind. There are no medical examinations required to join this policy. Your acceptance is guaranteed. You also get an additional pay-out for accidental death. With Metropolitan Funeral Cover, you can cover yourself, family or extended family. You get a straight forward funeral plan with cash back and paid up benefit.


When you receive your cash-pay-out, you can make use of various providers to arrange the funeral. You can buy your tombstone from company a, and coffin from company b. With this plan, you will have the freedom of choice. The money can be handled by a trusted family member. Whatever remains can be used for anything the family desires.

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